Clutch Care

So now you own a lovely Simply Clutch purse… how do you care for it? Let’s start with some common sense...

Everyday care
  • Bad Idea
    Don’t use your clutch when it’s raining outside (unless you will be strictly indoors).
  • Avoid leaving your clutch laying on grass, flooring, or even on a table where wine or food can easily spill or splash on it.
  • Keep the clutch in the dust bag with the pillow insert so it will keep its form and shape while you are not using it.

Good Idea!
    Gently steam the fabric... gently.
  • If you take your clutch on a trip and it gets crunched or wrinkled, you can iron it. Set the iron on the silk or cotton setting (depending on your fabric) with some distilled water. The steam will help get those wrinkles out. Be gentle when ironing. It might help to open the mouth of the clutch and insert it on the narrow end of the iron so you can steam one side and then the other. 

Oh no! Something stained my clutch! How do I clean it?
  • First, empty the contents of the purse.
  • Blot or dab! Don't Rub!
    If the stain is not too bad, use warm water and a few drops of detergent for delicates (like Woolite® or baby detergents) and dab at the stain gently. Try not to rub the stain as that can cause it to spread and wear down the fibers (especially silk). 
  • If your clutch is cotton, you can get away with trying a stain remover if it’s a heavy stain. But please be careful! Use just a little and again blot the stain as you go.
  • If the stain is heavy, severe, or on light colored silk, consider taking it to a dry cleaner. I would highly encourage you to be mindful as to what dry cleaner you go to. Dry cleaners use a chemical called perchloroethylene or “perc,” which is really bad for the environment (classified as a Toxic Air Contaminant). There are dry cleaners that use a different process (like Hangers Cleaners) that have environmentally safe cleaning technologies (they use carbon dioxide, GreenEarth cleaners, and provide wet cleaning, which is the safest professional cleaning type). Here is more info on the process that Hangers Cleaners uses – try searching for environmentally friendly cleaners near you.

(click on the image to read it)

Here’s an old article from The Wall Street Journal that has other suggestions for cleaners at the end.
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