Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SquareUp or Intuit?

Ah, yes, the age old question - well, maybe 'year old' question - of using SquareUp or Intuit to accept credit card payments. I was recently having this debate myself and I know many others are as well.

In general, this is what SquareUp charges (from their website):


Intuit GoPayment  pricing:

Here are a few blogs and sites that have some great information and comparisons on both. Note: There have been changes to the transaction fees since some of these were posted, but have some good things to think about.

Meg's Crochet Jewels
Another blog I found with *detailed* descriptions of both
Business Insider article

Anyway, hope that's helpful to those that are in debate. What did I go with? Intuit GoPayment.

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